Summer Day Exploring Sonoma

7 Feb

Summer Day Exploring Sonoma

Sonoma is a great get away in the summer from foggy days in the Inner Sunset and Richmond. There are many great places to go, such as art galleries, vinyards and drives around the beautiful country side. I visit Sonoma every couple months and enjoy the peace and quiet that it has to offer.


Brianna’s Blogspot Page!

7 Feb

Brianna’s Blogspot Page!

Check out samples of Brianna’s studio work as well as her CV at

Wall Wordle – Brown Paper Bag Drawing

30 Jul
"Brown Paper Bag - Words to Self"

This is a close up image of a mixed media drawing that I am working on in my room.

Studio Work – 2004 Emily Carr University of Art and Design

30 Jul

There Have Always Been Social Networks

5 Aug

At the Hornby Island Library, where I am currently filling in for a staff member on vacation, customer’s come to the desk and say, ‘I have heard about you.’  I am not from here.  To arrive here this morning I took two ten minute ferry rides.  One from Vancouver Island to Denman Island and a second ride from Denman to Hornby.  Hornby is a small island rich in community pride.  People like to know each other.   They work together to build bike paths, have their own radio station and run the community market twice a week.  I will be here on and off for four weeks and am already getting a sense of the island’s social network.  In addition to physical human interaction they have a number of places with free Wi-Fi connections.  One of course being the public library where I am working.  One popular site that people have mentioned is,  Face to face communication comes first here it seems, but they use social networking to bolster and promote community events, tourism, and personal interactions.  It is important to maintain the two tiers of the S.N.  Number one, we need to know each other in the real world.  We need to be socially organized so that we can develop our communities.  The second tier, the digital social network, can assist in this real world social movement.  If I organize a fund raiser for local kids soccer how will I let people know?  I could knock on everyone’s door or put a poster up down by the mail boxes.  Word of mouth is still a very strong tool.  Yet now we have a new tool, the online social network.  It is a great way to connect with far more people than any of us ever imagined.  In the end I think that it is important to find a balance between the old and new schools of connecting.  So in between sessions on the internet, log off and go outside to say hi to the people who live nearby.


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